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Establishing Hirola International Reserve, Kenya

Country: Kenya & Somalia

Abstract: Establishing Hirola International Reserve is a project that seeks to restore the historic range of the endangered Hirola Antelope in Kenya and Somalia estimated at roughly 38,400 km2, with about 47% of it (roughly 17,900 square kilometres) located in Kenya and the remaining 53% (around 20,500 square kilometres) situated in Somalia. With a global population of fewer than 500 individuals, the Hirola is considered the world’s most endangered antelope. By creating a safe and protected environment for this unique and important species, the Reserve could help to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the Hirola in the years to come.

The overall objective of the project is to restore the historic Hirola Distribution range, which has occurred because of uncontrolled human activities such as deforestation, overgrazing, and the expansion of human settlements. Poaching is also a major threat.

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